What you don't measure, you can't improve
Every day we help our clients by delivering Insights that improve customer experience, increase revenue and growth in a cost effective manner.
PhiMetrics Technologies is the largest independent telecom audit & analytics organization with a customer centrist methodology to measure and improve quality of service.

With PhiMetrics solutions you will always know how you are delivering on key aspects of Service Quality & Customer Experience, so you can sense and respond to key challenges that the telecom environment faces with precision.

​ In addition to copetitive evaluation, we also empower operators & vendors with a process to regularly track & monitor their performance over customer focused metrics.

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The PhiMetrics Solution Portfolio​.

With each of our solutions, we work with large telecom conglomerates, network vendors & regulatory bodies to assure customer delight across different markets globally.
Network Audits
Customer Experience Audits
Strategic Audits
Planning & Optimization Analytics
Drive test & Smartphone Analytics
Roaming Analytics
Turnkey Optimization