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Phi Audits
Walking in the Shoes of the Customer - Emulating Customer Behavior for providing insights that improve Customer Experience
An audit is an intrinsic part of every business. It helps the organization keep track of its progress towards its business goals. Also it is important to have an impartial view by an independent 3rd party, that can objectively identify the gaps which people close to the project often overlook.

Performing an audit with the right parameters and methodology is key to acquiring insights that can have a significant impact on the business objectives as well as customer experience.
While a lot of audits capture performance from purely a technical or financial perspective, PhiMetrics firmly believes that "A firm's customer information competency should be the single most important factor that determines a firms core business objectives. Hence all of PhiMetrics Audits have customer experience at center of the audit methodology.

PhiMetrics has developed a proprietary audit methodology that "Walks in the shoes of the customer" and maps customer journeys across the relationship with the operator.
PhiMetrics' Solutions have helped over 30 Operators & Service Providers spanning over 10 countries meet their customer's expectations
For our Network Audit offerings, we work across 10 countries in South Asia, Middle East and Africa, with customers like Vodafone, Airtel, Etisalat & Axiata.

Competitive Benchmarking
Data Audit
EMF Audit
Design Audit
Infrastructure Audit

Our Customer Experience Audits have helped over 30 operators across the world understand customer behavior and proactively resolve customer issues.

Roaming Audit
Handset Based Experience Audit
Brand Audit

Our strategic audit portfolio includes audits that helps operators make strategic decisions that have significant commercial impact. These include audits that help determine Spectrum bidding strategy, spectrum re-farming, Due Diligence, Cap-ex & Op-ex Reduction etc.

Spectrum Audit
Network Due Dilligence
Cap-ex, Op-ex & Process Audit