Case Studies
Case Studies
Case Studies
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Case Study 1
Maintaining network quality and customer experience while cutting operational cost by over 70%
Learn how the PhiMetrics global back-end analytics center helped an operator cut operational costs by over 70%
The Problem
A leading operator in Europe wanted to cut cost on the maintenance of its 2G network due to falling 2G revenues amidst growth in other areas (3G & LTE)
The Approach
PhiMetrics used the remote analysis methodology where data was exchanged between the on-site teams and the offshore back-end through secure VPN servers.
The Solution
PhiMetrics designed a back-end Analytics platform that was used to analyze the operator's 2G network statistics and provide daily optimization insights and recommendations by the client's on site teams to maintain the 2G network. PhiMetrics used its back-end analytics tools such as: Drive test post processing, Automatic frequency planning Automatic cell planning Planning tools Proprietary macros & software for Analysis of OSS data These tools were used by PhiMetrics syndication methodology to reduce costs. PhiMetrics delivered several insights as part of the scope. These included: Analysis of Performance Measurement (PM) data Frequency Planning Radio coverage and interference analysis - optimization of physical parameters and ERP to achieve good contiguous coverage and minimal interference Optimization of Mobility through neighbor planning Optimization of Traffic Distribution Troubleshooting through analysis of targeted ad-hoc drive tests.
The Result
PhiMetrics Achieved the network and customer experience maintenance goals set by the client while achieving a 70% reduction in operational costs.