Phi Solutions
Phi Services
Insight driven services to help you achieve customer experience goals
PhiMetrics services provide an insight based approach that is driven by insights that are driven by customer metrics.

The traditional approach to optimization and planning has been a network focused approach which uses network data and failure metrics to identify activities that are designed to resolve them. However this approach is not customer focused and fails to effectively address customer problems.
PhiMetrics services also follow an on-site / off-site methodology that utilizes its global analytics back-end to provide remote support (tools & resources) to services projects.

The PhiMetrics approach to services uses a methodology that constantly audits the performance based on customer metrics and then identifies insights based on customer impact.
PhiMetrics combines the best audits, tools from the analytics backend & resources to provide the best in class turnkey services
PhiMetrics solutions provide independent turnkey planning services across multi-technology and multi-vendor scenarios.

RF Planning
IBS Planning
Transmission Planning
Capacity Planning
Infrastructure Audit
PhiMetrics independent verification solutions help operators and vendors verify performance against contractual SLAs and provide recommendations in case improvements are needed

Single Site Verification
Cluster Acceptance
Network Acceptance Feature Testing
Phimetrics provides end-to-end turnkey optimization services using its India backend analytics centre to help operators and vendors meet customer experience KPIs.

Drive test based optimization
AFP / ACP based optimization
3G/LTE optimization
SLA based optimization